2014 Kentucky Beeracket




Liquor Barn and LouisvilleBeer are proud to present the 2014 Kentucky Beeracket. The power is in the hands of our visitors to vote for the best beer in Kentucky. Last year’s bracket can be seen here. In 2013, West Sixth IPA and Against the Grain Bo & Luke squared off in the final round and West Sixth came out the winner.



Listen to Episode 28 of our Podcast to hear the live selection show from Liquor Barn.


Elite 8 – March 29 at midnight
Final 4 – March 31 at midnight
Final Matchup – Monday April 7th at midnight

Please read the rules below.


We asked each brewery to choose their #1 and #2 choices for this contest. The LouisvilleBeer.com staff and sponsor randomly chose the remaining 3 beers for the bracket (13 breweries – and we needed 16 beers). The beers were randomly seeded for the initial bracket on the LIVE podcast. You can only vote once in each round (any other votes will be deleted and your first vote will be accepted.) In the case of a tie in any matchup (I.E. Bud Light – 2 votes, Miller Lite – 2 votes), a random generator will vote as the tiebreaker in that matchup.

Beers from each matchup move on to the next round and voting will be re-opened right here at http://louisvillebeer.com/vote.

At the end of the contest, once we have a winning beer, we will pick 2 random entrants and each person will receive a gift package from the 2 winning breweries from the bracket in addition to a gift from both Liquor Barn and LouisvilleBeer.com. The winner can pick up the prize(s) locally, in Louisville, or they can be shipped. You don’t have to pick the winners in a bracket, just provide your name and email. To be eligible to win, you must have voted in at least 3 out of 4 of the rounds.

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Privacy Policy

Your name and email will not be shared with anyone. Promise!

Prize Packages:

$100 in prizes for 1st
$50 in prizes for 2nd

What's your take? Please comment below.