A Hoppy Home

It is harvest time for one of the key ingredients in beer.  Hops. Those wonderful green cones of goodness that help balance the sweet malt with bitterness.  Those aromatic gems that tickle our noses and delight the senses are ready to pick, dry and store for the next batch of home made beer.  These Cascade hops have a moderate bitterness, and fragrant, citrus-flowery aroma popular in West Coast ales. Think Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

This year’s crop started out gang busters with the early rain, then slowed down with the brutal heat.  A decent number of buds showed up late that are looking pretty good.  Believe I will take the late bloomers soon for a Wet Hopped White IPA.  A little Pils, Pale Malt, Wheat, and hops right off the vine to create a refreshing late summer beer.  Ho what a Hoppy Home this is.

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