Sun’s out, Shirts off!

Put away your parkas and scarfs, beer geeks.  After the winter we never thought would end, spring and warmer temperatures are finally here (I think).  Not to mention pesky nats (that never died in the deep freeze) along with the worst allergies in America make Louisville one of my favorite/least favorite places this time of year.  Screw it though, summer is a few months away and jackets will be tucked away in your closet along with some of your finest beers.  It’s t-shirt time.

The t-shirt industry seems to be booming alongside the craft beer and bourbon industry in Kentucky.  Many have been here for awhile like Why Louisville and the upstart, Kentucky Kicks Ass are making a name for themselves.  So let’s take a look at what I consider some of the best beer/local shirts you can get inside/outside of Kentucky!


River City Craft Wear: Ok, I’m a little biased since I know Ryan and we’ve made a shirt together ( Keep Louisville Crafty ), but his shirts are awesome.  He is Ok. I guess.  Ryan just hooked up with a large liquor store in Louisville to hawk his shirts.  He also partnered with a new brewery in town and he expects to get flooded with t-shirt orders.CRAFTY


Why Louisville: Although they aren’t all beer related, I probably have a good handful of shirts representing my love for Louisville or the Commonwealth.  These super soft shirts make great Christmas gifts to let you family know, “Yes, I still live in Louisville”.  A second location now in NULU just feeds the hipster-friendly business on Market Street.  My favorite shirt of there’s is by Robby Davis, same guy who does all of ATG’s artwork.

Bourbon Built:  Although nothing beer related yet, Bourbon built focuses on other thinks we get drunk around, bourbon and horses.  Created by two Bellarmine grads, you can find some of there shirts in Old Town and many other local shops.


Kentucky for Kentucky: Creators of the “Kentucky Kicks Ass” campaign, this business has been all over the Commonwealth lately.  There prints fly off the shelves as fast as they can put them up.  Just like there is many ways to say Louisville, there are many ways to spell Kentucky.

Others to consider Nationwide (cue ZZ Top)

Hopcloth: Damnit.  I skimmed through all the shirts and it really was difficult to pick my favorite.  I’m a big fan of the state ones and wish there was one for Kentucky (hint hint).  Either way, I had to go with the “Don’t Tread On Craft Beer” one. Genius. il_570xN.583747556_jxde

Brewer Shirts: Thankfully, ETSY has a search function or this article may be a little bit short.  Shirts made for brewers and beer geeks.  I’m a big fan of the Hop Bomber and the Real Women Enjoy Craft Beer shirts.

If you choose not to wear a shirt, at least wear sun screen.  Skin cancer is no joke.


What's your take? Please comment below.