Well now that the dust has finally settled down from Louisville Craft Beer Week (and my bank account and sleeping habits are back in check) it’s time to actually write something again.  Let me personally thank, the local brewers, local establishments, and the beer community as a whole on a very successful LCBW.   How John Wurth stayed married and Scott Lykins stayed clothed is beyond me.  Kudos fellas.

If you haven’t noticed, the temperature and leaves are dropping faster than a UK basketball players Spring classes.  With each change of the season comes a change in beer preferences and releases.  Like the time change, things start to get darker a lot earlier.  Pumpkin beers are a thing of the past (still two weeks til Halloween) and beer loves tend to look for something to warm them up on those brisk nights.  Personally, I drink Imperial Stouts all year long and don’t designate them to any particular time. I have problems. I know.  Below are four of my choices that you can try this week around Louisvile.  I plan on these helping me celebrate the fact I have to rake leaves.  Damn you Bob Ross and your pretty little trees.

Bells Expedition Stout

At $18 a six-pack and 10.5% ABV, I suggest trying a single to make sure you like it first before you drop some cash.  If you do grab a 6 pack, try one immediately and then put the rest away because this beer gets tremendously better with some age on it.   If you feel like getting crazy, mix half with a Bells Hopslam for a party in your mouth (thanks to Beau and Eric for this suggestion).  If you can find it on draft anywhere, splurge.

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

A 4 pack for $9 and it’s generally never out at most places. Yes, please.  Go ahead and buy two four packs and hide one until next year, you’ll thank me later. A quintessential classic when it comes to a chocolate stout that lets the grains do the talking without adding loads of chocolate.

New Holland Dragons Milk

I’ll admit, I chose this barrel aged beer for two reasons.  The first is because it’s awesome and was one of the transition beers that got me into drinking what I call good beer.  The second, the head of the Dragons Milk Cellar Room/Brewer at New Holland is a runner/beer blogger buddy of mind.  So here is your shameless plug Mr. Faith.  Soak it up.

Against the Grain 35K Milk Stout

The first beer I ever had from ATG and thanks to their upcoming birthday party, I get another chance to have it again this Friday.  If you missed it the first time, go in there, give Sam a big bear hug, and order a couple.  I’ll bet $35,000 you won’t be too disappointed.

  1. Nothing says luv like a big bare hug!


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