Brandy, you’re a fine barrel-aged beer.

Disclaimer: Ok, Ok…I’ve been reading the latest articles on an event I helped put together and am kind of let down by the lack of details and information regarding Lock, Stock, & Smoking barrels.  Come on social media, I know you’re better than that.  So here it is guys and gals….here’s the info you want to know.


Some of you may of may not have heard about the Copper and Kings/Kentucky Guild of Brewers event going on during Louisville Craft Beer Week.  If you have, you’ve probably heard about how much it costs, when it is, and all the basics to the beer event.  If not, go here. Well, want’s to give you all a little teaser to what each KGB/Louisville Metro Area brewery has been aging in their brandy barrel!
The barrels:  Copper and Kings aged apple or grape brandy in fresh bourbon barrels from Woodford Reserve.  Once dumped, they went to participating breweries.  Thanks guys!

Against the Grain: Takashi, an imperial stout aged in a brandy barrel.  This ode to that lovable character from Revenge of the Nerds may be one of the first imperial stouts not named Bo and Luke that ATG has brought to the table.

Country Boy Brewing: Experimental Stout #291, a stout aged in a brandy barrel using HBC 291.  Country Boy’s barrel aging has taken off with the acquisition of a building next door and this beer will set the tone for years to come.  Also, be on the lookout for one of their signature IPAs aging in a variety of barrels.  I can ‘knot’ give any more details in regards.

Great Flood Brewing: Why go all in, when you can go Barreling In?  Barreling In is a Belgian Golden Strong ale aged in a brandy barrel.  I had the base beer last night (9% ABV) and it looks to be developing nicely in the barrel.  Just a tip, please drink responsibly at this event.

West 6th Brewing: Translvania Tripel, a tripel aged in a brandy barrel.  Most don’t know, but Ben Self used to be a stand-in voice-over guy for “The Count” on Sesame Street during his collegiate days.  Everyone has that odd college job I guess, but his tenure on Sesame Street led to the naming of this beer. One…ha ha ha!

New Albanian Brewing Company: Frankensteiner, a hefe weizen aged in a brandy barrel.  Come on guys, this is a September event, not one in October…what’s the deals with all these Halloween names?  I swear if the next beer name is “sheet with two holes cut out” IPA, I’m done with beer.

Beer Engine: Never Be Gold, an English barleywine aged in a brandy barrel.  Did anyone else read “gold” in a Goldmember voice? I sure did.  This hefty beer was made for a brandy barrel, but let it warm for full flavor.

Gordon Biersch: Birthday Bock, a blond bock aged in a brandy barrel.  Nick Landers over at GB is doing whatever the hell he wants at GB and is making some mighty fine beers in the process.  So, Landers figured, what the hell, and brewed a beer for his birthday to toss in the barrel.

Alltech: Kentucky Apple Barrel Kolsh, a…well just read the damn name.  Thanks Alltech for the surprise on this one.  Alltech just got a new cat at the brewery and named it, The White Thing with Four Legs that Meows.

BBC St. Matthews: Mild Davis, an English Mild aged in a brandy barrel. Folks, we got a name winner.  I may have peed my pants when I read this one, but I’m still cool.

Flat 12: Spirit Mover, a saison aged in a brandy barrel.  A nod to Hunter S. Thompson, Flat 12 brewed this beer in anticipation of their new spot in Jeffersonville, IN.  I’m not afraid of no ghosts, but I am drowning, so I plan to walk/drive to their new facility.

BBC Clay & Main: Barbarian, a honey ale aged in a brandy barrel.  I picture a shirtless Phil Dearner, slathered in honey, with a bourbon barrel around his waistline. Anyone else? No, ok.

Falls City: Insert Name Here, a brown ale aged in a brandy barrel. Yep, that’s it. It’s all I got.  Let’s just call it Brown Water, after the Ohio River. Perfect, good work King.

That’s not it though, each brewery will be bringing with them some other beers of their choice.  Here are just a few..

NABC Community Bark– French Oak aged English Mild

Great Flood Kelvins Kilt: Four Roses barrel aged scotch ale (Collaboration with and Kelvins Cooperage)

Also included with these beers will be a Small Batch Barrel Proof brandy tasting!

Want a ticket to one of the sessions, here you go:

Here’s the official press release from Copper & Kings:

Copper & Kings American Brandy Co., 1111 E. Washington St., will host “Lock, Stock & Smoking Barrels” as part of Louisville Craft Beer Week Saturday, Sept. 20. The festival of barrel-aged beer, brandy and smoking hot food and music will take place in two sessions, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m., at the craft brandy company’s Butchertown distillery. Copper & Kings owners Joe and Lesley Heron asked 12 renowned regional breweries from Kentucky and Indiana to age a one-of-a-kind craft beer of their choice in brandy barrels to serve at the event. The cost is $45 per person, per session. To encourage responsible drinking, designated driver tickets will also be available for $15 per person. For more information or to buy tickets, visit

“Brandy rocks but beer is also very close to our hearts,” said owner Joe Heron. “In creating Crispin Hard Cider, we developed an appreciation for the art of craft brewing and now we are excited to see what these talented brewers come up with using our Copper & Kings barrels.”

Participating brewers include: Against the Grain, Alltech Lexington Brewing Company, Beer Engine, Bluegrass Brewing Company, Country Boy, Falls City, Flat 12, Gordon Biersch, Great Flood, New Albanian and West Sixth. 24 craft beers will be available at the festival event along with a unique single barrel brandy tasting direct from the barrel served by Copper & Kings distillers. Kentucky craft beer and brandy lovers can enjoy a Butchertown cookout prepared by Feast BBQ along with live music from The Kentucky City Boys during the outdoor courtyard party. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit the Beargrass Creek Alliance and promote their rain barrel storm water mitigation initiatives.

About Copper & Kings American Brandy Co.:
Copper & Kings uses traditional copper pot-distillation to forge untraditional, craft-distilled, natural pot-still brandies that are non-chill filtered with no added boise, sugar or caramel color. Distilled at a low temperature just twice, Copper & Kings spirits span the spectrum from immature and aged offerings. The state-of-the-art distillery distills world class spirits to enjoy on the rocks, with premium mixers or in the composition of imaginative cocktails. Copper & Kings, located at 1111 E. Washington St. in Butchertown, Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, visit or follow @CopperAndKings on Facebook and Twitter.

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