Introducing…The Beer Wizard

I’d like to introduce my friend (and yours?), Mr. Adam Watson, one of the co-owners/brewers at Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse. He is the Beer Wizard.

Ed: I’d like to introduce my friend (and yours?), Mr. Adam Watson, one of the co-owners/brewers at Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse. I somehow finagled him into writing a twice-monthly column that will be published on (or around) the 8th and 22nd of each month). Wait a minute, I’m just now realizing he finagled me. Oh well, take it away, my dear Watson:

Adam Watson, the Beer Wizard

Adam Watson, the Beer Wizard

John Wurth can’t get enough of me.  He just cannot get enough [Ed: I really can’t!].  With that in mind, I have decided to fuel with a little more of my rambling prose.  Welcome to The Beer Wizard.  With a touch of luck and a dash of Grace, it’ll haunt your RSS feeds about twice a month.  I’m not really sure yet exactly how this segment is going to shake out over time, but I have a couple ideas.

One option as we move forward is a Dear Abby sort of format.  Have something vaguely, tangentially, or not at all about beer, brewing, the local, national, or international beer scenes, or any other zymurgical topic that you would like to see me blather about for a while?  Let me know in person, via e-mail, via the Talented Mr. Wurth, or in the comments of one of these things, and I’ll do my best to confuse, misunderstand, and generally dance around your questions.  May even get around to an answer at some point.  The right one if you’re exceedingly fortuitous.

The other option is perhaps slightly more edifying or at least academic.  If law school taught me one thing, it was a profound sense of despair.  If it taught me two things, the second was that, even if you know nothing about a topic, you can probably fake it long enough to actually become competent in that topic.  I’ve become familiar with a fairly broad variety of beer related topics over the last few years.  Some are technical, some academic, some scientific, some historical, linguistic, legal, financial, whimsical, and otherwise.  I might grab one of those for each column and march on through an idea as I understand it.  I make no pretenses about being an expert in every topic I tackle, but I’ll give it the proverbial “old college try” and take a crack at being entertaining while I’m at it.  To myself anyway.

It’s even possible for these two options to bleed together a good bit.  If there is something you want to see me ramble about, let me know.  I’ll use it as a jumping off point to try and write something worth reading.  If I don’t know anything about a topic, I’ll probably go learn something about it and share what I think I learned.  Could be fun.  Anywho, thanks for tuning in, and welcome to The Beer Wizard!


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