Who Owns Mug #1 at Flanagan’s Ale House? This guy.

So, we’re not the only ones that have sat at Flanagan’s Ale House (or any other bar) and wondered, “Who owns the first mug in the Flanagan’s Centurion Club”, right? Well, Scott and I found this awesome bit of information out today while enjoying a couple pints.

We ran into Scott Christensen (pictured above), who is the proud owner of Mug #1 at Flanagan’s Ale House (934 Baxter Avenue  Louisville, KY 40204) and asked him a few questions and captured this rock star beer geek on digital film.

Q: When did this program start at Flanagan’s?

A: The day Flanagan’s opened in 1999.

Q: How many beers did it take to get the mug?

A: 100

Q: How long did it take you to finish your card (to receive your mug)?

A: 1 week

Q: Favorite beer on your card?

A: Guiness

Q: Least favorite beer you had on the card?

A: Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Q: Were you competing with someone to get beer mug #1?

A: No

Q: How often do you frequent Flanagan’s?

A: Daily

Q: They should discount your beers, right? Do they?

A: Yes and yes

Q: What was the first beer you had on your card?

A: Amstel Light

Q: What beer got you the coveted Mug #1?

A: Warsteiner Dunkel

Q: What are you drinking right now?

A: Skull Splitter

Q: Favorite style of beer?

A: Stout

Thanks, Scott. You rule. You inspire us all!

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