River City Drafthouse

Finally, a new beer bar on my side of Bardstown Road!  Tucked right next to Cumberland Brews in the old Fleur De Lis Café building sits the newest craft beer slingers to Louisville’s ever-growing portfolio, River City Drafthouse. Boasting over 20 taps specializing in independent, American, craft beer and several more available in bottles, this new establishment gives me another excuse to take the dog for a “walk”.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I first walked into River City Drafthouse a month ago, the beer list wasn’t too impressive.  As my eyes skimmed the names across the chalkboard, nothing stood out saying, “drink me” in their American Beer Wonderland.   I walked in, walked out, and plopped myself down in Cumberland Brews instead.  Alas, I knew I had to give it a second chance after a month worth of business.  So last Sunday, thanks to Facebook, I quickly found out they had tapped Flying Dogs Barrel Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter and made an excuse to grab a beer and enjoy the nice weather.

We (Ashley and I) grabbed a seat outside and I went inside to check out the tap list on the giant chalk board.  There will be no printed draught list since the beer menu will be ever changing (or so says the bartender), so look above the tap wall to see what tickles your fancy.  Of course, I went with the rare offering of the Barrel Aged Gonzo and the wife went with something hoppier.  Or was it malty maybe? Either way, the Gonzo had a boozy sweetness like no other and was meant to be consumed at a slower pace.

Besides many beer offerings, River City Drafthouse also offers appetizers and sandwiches.  In custom tradition at any new establishment, we went with their wings and house lime/chili/garlic sauce.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m pretty picky about my wings and have yet to find a place that really classifies as my “go-to wing joint” here intown, but these wings were fantastic.  Generous size to them and the house-made sauce had us sweating but going back for more.  We both agreed (which rarely happens) that the wings at River City Drafthouse were top-notch.

With an ever-changing tap list offering and ample enough seating, River City Drafthouse is a place to definitely check out when in the Highlands.

  1. I JUST saw this place the other day…I need to get out of the house more.


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