Game – The Review

538992_505289089523365_1919555914_nI’ll be the first to admit that I’ve eaten my fair share of critters in my day.  Some had fur, some feathers, scales, you name it, and chances are I’ve had the opportunity to eat something odd during my days in Central Illinois.  One of our local bars, The Rocket Tap (also headquarters for our annual Lawn Mower Poker Run where we get all snookered and cops stop traffic so we can drive around drinking) has an occasional wild game feed where one can taste anything from muskrat to possum to raccoon.  So when word came that Hammerheads owners were opening up a second spot called Game, I knew I had to give it a try.

Although some may consider it a sin, I’ve never actually been to Hammerheads.  I know, I know. I’ve had their takeout once, I think.  I don’t even know where it is but there is a good chance I probably ran by Hammerheads last weekend when I decided it was a good idea to try and run home from Meat at 1 a.m. instead of waiting for a cab.  I digress.

So Tuesday, I decided to meet my buddy at Louisville’s new restaurant, Game, to hold an impromptu meeting to discuss some fall races and just shoot the bull (pun intended).  If you don’t know where Game is, it’s the old Cyclers Café on Lexington Road near Jim Porters Good Time Emporium.  And no, cougar is not on the menu at Game.

The only negative thing about Game is parking.  Parking around the building is pretty minimal, but you have the option of parking across the street.  Luckily I got there about 5:30, because by the time we left at 6:30 there was already a wait for a table.  Louisville is definitely antsy about what Game has to offer.

Game - The Menu

Game – The Menu

Much to our Duck Dynasty dead ringer of a servers chagrin, I went with his recommendation of the Dark Horse Scotty Karate ($6) and my buddy went with a Dogfish Head Midas Touch ($7).  I really enjoy when a server is able to take the time and discuss what their favorite beer on tap is and why.  They have eight drafts and had just blown Sierra Nevada Narwhal, Three Floyds Dreadnaught, and Green Flash Palate Wrecker the day before, so yes, they will be serving some good beer.  The only local I saw on tap was Cumberland Red Ale, but I assume locals will be making an appearance shortly.  Their bottle list had a wide array of beers from locals, to American craft, to international selections to please most palates.

The appetizer of choice wasn’t even a question, scotch eggs over a pork belly ($12).  Served on a nice wood plank, these fried delicacies gave the Holy Grale’s version a run for their money.  The pork belly melted into a bacon themed heaven residing in my mouth.  I downed my first beer pretty fast and then decided to choose an old staple, Dogfish Head Raisin D’Etre ($5).  The scotch eggs were diminished feverishly and then I attempted to use a fork to scrape off whatever was left of the sauces.

For dinner, my buddy chose an antelope burger ($10) and I chose a wild boar burger ($8).  I didn’t feel like going down under and trying the kangaroo and I’ve eaten enough elk and venison in my life to know pork was an easy choice.  I totally forgot to take a picture of my burger.  Reviewer fail.  The burger was a little bit spicy, cooked perfect, and the bun was warm on the hands.  Warm buns make a burger in my book.  We didn’t add on fries, so no clue what they were like, but if they use duck fat like Hammerheads, I’m sure they are amazing.

Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere and our server was pretty awesome.  I see myself definitely coming back here a few times.  With the patio, I foresee this being one of the new hotspots this summer.  Great beer list and even better food.

2295 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40206

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  1. I WISH Hammerheads actually offered Takeout. They generally refuse it. You have to wait in line, but its worth it.

  2. They frequently have West 6th available as well, but since it has been selling so well lately, occasionally River City is out of stock on it.


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