Four Pegs Beer Lounge

My lovely wife and I had the opportunity to take a night out on the town sans children. I’ve been meaning to eat at Four Pegs after having been there for the Founder’s KBS Release. The Chicken and Waffles had my interest piqued, and I love a good burger – probably my all-time favorite food. I’m a health food junkie, I know. Weird hippy.

We bellied up to the bar to place our order:

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter ($4.50)
Beer Cheese & Pretzel appetizer ($3.50)
Beer Glazed Burger ($10.00)

Franziskaner ($4.25)
Chicken & Waffle Sandwich ($9.00)

The beers came back to the table with us while my wife rolled her eyes at my checking into Untappd (“Loubeer” if you wanna look me up!). I had never had the Vanilla Porter before, and I was surprised by the lack of upfront vanilla. Not that it was bad, I just had expected something a bit sweeter. I still drank every drop of it.

My wife has a soft spot in her beer-drinkin’ heart for Franziskaner. It reminds her of her college trip to Austria where she sat and drank this with her “Freundins” every night. To me, it’s like a banana smoothie, not what I look for in a beer. I took a sip to remind me that I don’t care for Hefe-Weissens. She, however, was in heaven.

Both the appetizer and entrees came to our cozy table at the same time, which isn’t the end of the world to me, but some people might complain (really?). The Beer Cheese appetizer came with one fat pretzel, and really, we couldn’t finish everything we ordered, so it’s a non-issue as well. I typically prefer a spicy beer cheese, but this one was salty, sharp, tangy and delicious. I’d definitely order it again.

When it came time to focus on the entrees, we instantly became jealous of each other’s plates. Her sandwich was gigantic. Two square belgian waffles serving as the bread for a thick fried chicken breast that was fried to perfection with a maple/brown sugar/mayo sauce. There were some paprika overtones in the chicken’s breading that made the savory vs. sweet combo that much more delicious. I would have expected the waffle to be crisp, but it thankfully was not. Soft and delicate like good buns should be. (Joke? Nah…)

My burger was pretty dern spectacular. My wife begged me for the Fried Green Tomatoes on my burger, so I took them off and gave them to her. She liked them, but said they needed some sort of sauce – when you order them as an appetizer, they come with a Chipotle Ranch sauce. The bacon on the burger had an super smoky flavor and added a great crunch. Cooked perfectly with just enough pink and lots of juicy yumminess. Best burger this side of the Granville Inn.

Don’t get me started on the fries. Good heavens. Hand cut and, I assume, fried twice for that extra crispness. Just the right amount of kosher salt sprinkled on them. Who needs ketchup?

We decided we needed more beer. I got a Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron ($8.75 and worth every penny) – a big 12% Brown Ale from America’s favorite off-centered brewery. Damn, was it a beer. Boozy as hell, and thick and oily. Like sipping caramel out of some weird Paraguayan wooden vessel. I’ll hopefully be back for more of that one. My wife didn’t like it, but she had also just finished her little smoothie beer.

The Mrs. got an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (on the nitro tap $6.00) and enjoyed it. She even let me finish it off for her. One of us had to drive, ya know (lucky her).

Four Pegs is one of those places that I’ll darken the doorstep of again. This is also my new “hey-out-of-town-guests-you’ve-got-to-try-this” place. Apparently, Tuesdays are Wing night, so if you’re tired of the swill those other wing places sling, you might have found your new wing spot.

The prices were reasonable and the food was divine. Yes, I used the word divine, okay. Sue me.

Go there. Tomorrow night.


Tuesday – Thursday
5 – 11 pm
Friday – Saturday
5 pm – 1 am
4 pm – 11 pm


1053 Goss Ave
Louisville, Ky 40217



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