Rivertown Lambic 2011 – Review

Rivertown Brewery is north of Cincinnati OH. They offer a full line of beers and several seasonals including a traditional lambic. This 750 mL 2011 bottle had a deep golden body that was rather clear.

The smell was fruity – fresh pear and strawberries. There was a small amount of basement-like dankness. Even a little Sweet-Tart candy. Lots of nice aromas in this one.

The flavor was full of puckering sourness with a nice woody and drying finish. The brewery website says this one was aged in port oak wine barrels for over a year.  Only 7 IBUs, bu with enough tartness to make this one shine. There was modest carbonation and medium body. All of the elements work well here. Very easy to drink, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a regionally brewed lambic.


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  1. Where can this be found in the louisville area?


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