Not Pumped about Pumpkins?


I’ve read many beer blog/website posts in the past few weeks ripping on the early release of fall seasonal beers.  Within the last week, stores have become overrun with the likes of Oktoberfest’s and Pumpkin beers gaining shelf space over those summer ales….and I say it’s about damn time!

I dislike summer-themed beers about as much as I like summer-themed sunburns. Boring, bland, and overrun by macros, these beers should take up space in June and July, that’s it.  So move over Summertime, Summerfest, or Sunshine Wheat, it’s time to add a little spice to your liver.

But John, its only August.  That is correct, but fall is coming soon.  With the morning temperature getting a little bit cooler and leaves already starting to brown and fall (Thanks rain!), the season is inevitably upon us.

But John, pumpkins aren’t even ripe yet, how do they make pumpkin beers this early?  Butternut squash and loads of spices. (Some brewers use canned pumpkin though).

Alas beer lovers, we need to accept it and move on.  Like Walgreens putting out Easter candy the day after Valentines Day, we need to accept our forthcoming beer seasonals and welcome them into our own fridge.

My Top 3 Pumpkin beers

  1. Schlafly Pumpkin Ale
    My go-to.  A beer I look forward to every year. Like Linus Brown looks forward to the Great Pumpkin. The perfect blend of seasonal spices and at 8%, enough to make only a few needed.  Often bought by the case in the King household.
  2. Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale
    It’s hard for me to find a beer from this Portsmouth, NH brewery that I don’t like.  Smutty Pumpkin is a beer I have my in-laws stock up on so I can enjoy it over the Holidays.
  3. Samuel Adams Fat Jack
    I just had this the other day and fell in love.  A double pumpkin beer coming in at 8%, which embodies an excellent blend of pumpkin and spices for a smooth drinking beer.

My Pumpkin beers I’ll pass on

  1. Buffalo Bills PumpkinOne of the original pumpkin beers.  Unfortunately, Buffalo Bill should keep this one in the pit in his basement.
  2. Southern Tier Pumking
    Heck, the beer even has my last name in it and I don’t like it.  A hyped up beer that tastes a little too sweet for me.  Try it for yourself.
  3. Avery’s Rumpkin
    Pumpkin ale aged in dark rum barrels knocking on the door at16% ABV.  This beer was a booze bomb and tasted like kissing a drunken pirate on Halloween.  If you can get one from the brewery, keep it in the cellar until next Halloween.


What's your take? Please comment below.