NABC Yakima Rye IPA – Review

A real hop-head, I couldn’t wait to try this recently released bottle of Yakima Rye IPA. The 22 oz. bottle produced a body that was a solid copper color with a light haze. However, the most impressive thing about the appearance was the head. Large and cream colored – it was very persistent and left fine sheets of lace in the glass.

The smell was an interesting combination of marmalade, leafy hops, and soap. There was a mild spiciness which bloomed a little as it warmed.

The taste had a lovely bitterness resulting from the whopping 130 International Bitterness Units. The grassy, lip coating bitterness was created by the 3 Cs — Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops. There was a spiciness from the hops but more so from the addition of rye. The intense flavors were very compelling.

I really like rye beers (Founders Red’s Rye Pale Ale is a great example) and I am glad to see NABC now offering their interpretation in bottles. Not too sweet, with plenty of bright hops, finished semi dry and left me wanting more. Medium bodied with a moderate amount of carbonation gave this beer a nice mouthfeel. However, the interesting rye spiciness is a bit obscured by the intense hoppiness in this one. Not that I’m complaining – this is one flavorful ale. In fact, this is one of my new favorite local beers.

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