Great Crescent Brewery Coconut Porter – Review


This beer is from a small Indiana brewery in Aurora, west of Cincinnati. I am a sucker for canned craft beer and Great Crescent packages their beer in 4 packs of 16 oz cans.  The porter has the darkest of brown bodies with a rich tan, irregular head. The foam faded to nothing fairly quick.

The smell was of molasses, metal, and fresh brown bread.  It almost had a sassafras quality to it.  I had hoped to encounter coconut, but it was not evident in the aroma until it warmed substantially.

The taste was of roasted, but not charred malts. The flavor was bright, but creamy-rich on the palate with a light sweetness from the coconut. There was a gentle bitterness and smooth texture, although the body was thin to medium in density. Overall it was a very tasty and drinkable porter. I will be seeking out more canned craft beers from Great Crescent. They are making some good beer, plus I am a bit partial to their name.


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