Against the Grain’s Get Your Southern Heart On Ale


Photo courtesy: Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse

Photo courtesy: Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse

Damaris Phillips collaborated with Louisville brewery, Against the Grain on a beer to celebrate their appearance on her Food Network show, Southern at Heart. If Against the Grain ever asked me to collaborate on a recipe </hint>, it would be very close to this beer. It’s a rauchbier with a fairly heavy touch of habanero AND ancho peppers. Peppers and smoke are two of my favorite flavors in beer (other than lots of hops). Smoked beers aren’t for everyone, but I love drinking campfire water. Plus, the burn from the peppers that sneaks up the back of your throat makes me all giddy. I love spicy.

We drank this beer while recording the podcast last night, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I’ll be heading back down to Against the Grain to stock up on growlers of this stuff. This should be the next beer they bottle! Watch out, Country Boy Brewing, Jalapeño Smoked Porter has some competition!

This beer almost has it all. It’s a warm hug on a crisp Autumn day while sitting out by the campfire. Thanks Damaris for teaching these dudes at AtG how to finally make good beer. (kidding!)

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