Cumberland Brews IPA – Review

Recently I picked up a growler of Cumberland Brews current IPA made with Citra and Cascade hops. My favorite style of beer is IPA and I was excited to try their new offering. This one is 7.25 ABV and an IBU of 68.

The body was a hazy blunted orange color with a dirty white head. A film of foam remained throughout and left splotchy lacing down the glass.  The smell was muted oranges and grapefruit peel and the alcohol was a bit more evident as it warmed. Not nearly as bold as Cascade brewed beers often present.

The taste was caramel maltiness and grassy bitterness. Definitely less sweet and more drying – which I love in an IPA. A bit floral and citrusy from the Cascade hops. But, unfortunately I did not detect characteristics expected from the Citra hops. As much as I tried I didn’t notice the tropical fruit. No melon.  No pineapple.

The body was medium and was lightly carbonated.  Overall it was very drinkable but not as flavorful or as aromatic as I was hoping for.  Cumberland brews a lot of great beers but this wasn’t one of my favorites.

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