Citra Ass Down – Canned! Review

IMG_3134I am a fan of cans, so I’m happy to see Citra Ass Down is now out in beautiful pint cans. Brewed and canned right here in Louisville, not like some previous iterations of this beer. In typical Against the Grain fashion there are some pun-y references to other beers and breweries on the can text. Robby Davis has created a label that depicts what looks like a pierced with arrows – metal/punk Emu with what could be a Randal for a neck. Mr. Hops looks as if he is about to beat the Australian with a spiked mace. No southern hemisphere hops here! The cans are not date-stamped; I’m also a big fan of “packaged on” dates.

The beer is a bright, clear apricot color. Or maybe it looks like clover honey or a new penny. The generous head settles quickly, leaving spots of lace. The head is an eggshell, off white color. This is a very pretty beer.

The smell was of wet hay and lemons. It has a very earthy, leafy and a pungent marijuana-like aroma. Big and fresh!

The body was plenty hefty – a viscous, smooth drink with modest carbonation. It is not easy to follow the instructions on the can – “Crush this beer”. This one is not a beer to gulp down. The 8.2% ABV and the formidable body prevents me from drinking this one quickly. It is delicious, but for me it is not a “crushable”, quick quaffing beer – this one demands a bit more attention and respect.

The taste, like the smell, was big. Resiny hops bitterness blooms in the mouth after the initial tropical fruit sweetness is pushed aside. First – flavors of mangos and pineapples with a dollop of peaches in heavy syrup are right up front. Second – Grapefruit peel notes cut the sweetness and give it a long bittering, somewhat parching finish. Some alcohol is notable but it is not too boozy or hot.

This is a big DIPA. The bold flavors will pummel your tongue like a spiked hammer. In a good way, of course. Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 3.06.48 PM

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