Barley Island Dirty Helen – Review

Dirty Helen Brown Ale was apparently named after a sassy, sailor-mouthed tavern owner who cussed at her patrons. The 12 oz. Dirty Helen poured a ruddy brown and had great clarity. The head was tan and left some light lacing in my glass.

The aroma was of fresh grain and had an almost cola-like characteristic.

The flavor was of bread crust and bright hops. It had a touch of metal and a distinctly nutty aftertaste.  Caramel malts, hints of instant coffee, and a gentle bitterness in the finish. This one was very easy to drink.

The body was light to medium and had plenty of carbonation. I’m not a big fan of Brown Ales and I have put off trying this one for years, but now that I have tried it I expect to pick it up again. Maybe Dirty Helen can teach me a few new words.


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