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KY IPAVery few Kentucky breweries had a bottled (or canned) IPA in their everyday portfolio until recently – West 6th fixed that and now Altech/Lexington Brewing has released Kentucky IPA. Now I can enjoy my favorite style and support local breweries.

This newly released offering is available in 12 oz. 6-pack bottles and 4-pack 16 oz. cans. The can I had was not dated. A vigorous pour displayed a clear and bright pretty copper colored body. The large pillowy head slowly collapsed leaving random lacing and a solid cap.

The aroma was herbal and piney. Leafy and gently minty.  Perfume-y as it warmed.

The flavor was more bitter than sweet., just how I like IPAs. Hints of alcohol. Pine and oranges with a soft, lingering dry finish. The body was lighter than expected and had modest carbonation.

This one is easy to drink and I’m glad to have another accessible IPA in the Commonwealth.

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Alltech Kentucky IPA
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  1. That sounds great! I enjoy West 6th and look forward to trying this one. Hopefully Liquor Barn has it in stock.

    On a related note, I was on an unexpected and impromptu tour of Bardstown Road last weekend – starting at Holy Grale, then Cumberland Brews and finally River City Drafthouse right next door. I was mainly in search of IPA’s and man did I hit the motherload at River City Drafthouse. Apparently National IPA Day was the previous week and they had 13 IPA’s on tap (as compared with 1 at Cumberland and I think 3 at Holy Grale). But what I heard – twice – that day was that sours are the next big thing.

    I have not tried these yet, and find it hard to believe that they could be better than the IPA’s I have come to know and love. What does anybody know about these?

    • Brice

      Rob – the two styles are totally different. I can’t say if you would like them or not, just try a few and see. “Sours” or lambics are fermented with wild yeast and sometimes bacteria that give it a tart or sour taste. Many popular ones have fruit in them. Bell’s Oarsman is a good introduction to sours. It’s a low abv beer that is kind of a sour wheat called Berliner Weiss. Some other good ones to try are Rodenbach, Boon, Oud Beersel, Petrus Aged Pale, and Rivertown is in Cincinnati that makes some great sours. Whole Foods Louisville has two of them in stock. Upland makes some amazing lambics but they’re extremely difficult to find right now.


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