HB168 Podcast


Tonight, on a very special Louisville Beer Podcast, we speak to Adam Watson, President of the Kentucky Guild of Brewers and co-owner of Against the Grain Brewery and Elizabeth Post, spokesperson for the Kentuckians for Entrepreneurs and Growth about HB168. HB168 is an act that will protect our local beer industry, family owned distributors, retailers and local entrepreneurial craft brewers from mega monopolistic brewers expanding in our state. We reached out to try and get KYBudFacts (a Twitter/Facebook account against this bill) to talk with us, but did not get a response. If you’re listening, ABInbev, please get in touch with us and we can do this again with you at the table.

While you are listening to this podcast, please do your duty, and contact your legislator. It is much more important to call/email your legislator than it is to share this on Social Media, although that helps too…after you contact them.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find your Representative (not Senator, but I contacted mine too, for when this does hit the Senate floor).
  2. Click their Bio page to find their email address and/or phone number. Alternately, find them on this full list.
  3. Leave them a voicemail, or send an email with something similar to this script:
    1. Hello, my name is _____________, and I am contacting you to ask for your support of HB168. I am contacting to ask for your support of HB168. Craft breweries are entrepreneurial folks who want an even playing field when it comes to making their beer and getting it out to retail shelves. Kentucky breweries buy local and support their local communities. By supporting HB168, you are protecting their jobs, their families and our own community. I hope you will represent me and vote YES on HB168. Thank you! Please vote for Kentucky small businesses.
  4. Share this link on all of your social media networks to spread the good word.

That’s it. If you get robo-called by KYBudFacts, DO NOT hit the key to tell your Representatives to vote NO. We need this bill to be passed.

More information:

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