Episode 79: Braxton Brewing – Kentucky’s Newest Brewery

BraxtonCoreLogoThe Kentucky breweries just keep on comin’ and we keep on talkin’ to them. Jake Rouse from Covington, Kentucky’s newest craft brewery, Braxton Brewing skypes in to talk about their “TAPROOM OF THE FUTURRRRRREEEEE!” and it sounds pretty sweet. Phone charging stations, big TVs showing a feed of their social media mentions, Gigabit Wi-Fi, and even BEER! Yes, BEER! CRAFT FREAKIN’ BEER! Tune in to find out what to expect when they open in Northern Kentucky on March 27th.

This just in…Louisville Beer News this week

  • HB168 passed in both the house and the senate, now it’s on to Gov. Breshear to sign, he has stated that he plans to sign it into law. Great news for Kentucky’s craft beer industry.
  • Louisville’s own Bonnie Prince Billy recorded a song with Watter (Listen below), featuring The Holy Grale’s own Tyler Trotter. They also collaborated on a beer with Brian Strumke from Stillwater. We’re trying to get them lined up on a future podcast to talk about it. They are releasing the album as a limited edition colored vinyl 12”. With a remix from Mr. Bundy K. Brown, another fave of mine. He works at Old Town / The Wine Market.
  • Kind of a slow news week in the beer world. Everyone was wrapped up getting HB168 through. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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