Episode 78: New Belgium Enters Kentucky

new-belgiumOur buddy and brand new New Belgium rep, Brittney Donohue, stops by the BBC (Taproom) Studios to tell us what to expect this week when we see New Belgium on the shelves. We also talk sustainability at New Belgium, what she learned in her extensive training in Colorado, and their expansion in Asheville, NC. We even recommend they brew a beer with Pee Wee to help promote his new movie, since they love bikes so much (why don’t they marry one?!).  All great stuff…except that last part.

This just in…Louisville Beer News this week

  • HB168 passed in the House! Next stop, the senate. Contact your Senator and ask them to vote YES on HB168. VP of the Kentucky Guild of Brewers (and President of BBC), Phil Dearner comes on to tell us more.
  • Donum Dei in New Albany is opening March 17th. I stopped in there this weekend and sampled their Pale Ale. It was a great fruity cascade-y Pale Ale. The taproom looks great. They’ll be serving some paninis and other light fare. Across the street and down a bit from NABC Pizzeria.
  • I also stopped into Akasha Brewing next to Feast BBQ in NULU, and they’re moving right along. That place is going to be cool. Great location.
  • Gravity Head started Friday – The Against the Grain crew dressed up like Baylor. Fuckin’ classic.
  • Speaking of the one and only, Mr. Roger Baylor steps down temporarily from New Albanian Brewing Company to run for Mayor of New Albany.
  • New Belgium is launching here in KY.

Here’s what you need to do to make sure HB168 passes in the Senate committee:

  1. Find your Senator.
  2. Click their Bio page to find their email address and/or phone number. Alternately, find them on this full list.
  3. Leave them a voicemail, or send an email with something similar to this script:
    1. Hello, my name is _____________, and I live in _______ and I am contacting you to ask for your support of HB168. I am contacting to ask for your support of HB168. Craft breweries are entrepreneurial folks who want an even playing field when it comes to making their beer and getting it out to retail shelves. Kentucky breweries buy local and support their local communities. By supporting HB168, you are protecting their jobs, their families and our own community. I hope you will represent me and vote YES on HB168. Thank you! Please vote for Kentucky small businesses.
  4. Share this link on all of your social media networks to spread the good word.

Yes, it is Episode 78, unlike what I say at the beginning of the show–jeesh.

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