Episode 73: Live from Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet

IMG_0705What a great time out in J-town! Thanks to Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet for hosting us and being so awesome, and thanks to all the kick-ass beer reps/brewers that showed up to talk with us. Due to some technical difficulties, the first 15 minutes or so of the podcast were unusable. We missed hearing about the $5,000+ check that West Sixth wrote to New Roots (see more info below), we missed Nolen and Eric from Flat12 Bierwerks and we even missed the interview with Scott Shreffler, our favorite Schlafly beer rep. We apologize for this. We’re as pissed about it as you are. Probably more. Oh well…shit happens on live podcasts. You really should have been there! So yeah, I’m gonna blame it on YOU if you weren’t there to hear it all live. It’s all your fault. Thanks a lot. See what you’ve done? I hope you’re happy.

Kidding. We love you all. Unless you’re the mobile podcaster. We hate you for breaking this week’s podcast. Dick.


For every six pack of Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter that West Sixth sells (draft or package), they give back 50 cents to a local organization in the area where the product was purchased.  They had five areas defined in Kentucky and Louisville was one of those.  Any non-profit organization can be nominated and there is a new recipient each quarter.  New Roots was the organization chosen for the fourth quarter of 2014.  You can learn more about them and their mission at http://www.newrootsproduce.org/

On Monday January 26th, Garage Bar hosted the Back of the House Brawl to benefit New Roots and handed over a comically large check for a bunch of money. How awesome is that?

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