Episode 64: Fred Hillenbrand from Tin Man Brewing

tin-man-brewing-evansville-inIn order to help you make it through your Thanksgiving celebrations (or the drive to get there–or BOTH!), we’ve gone the extra mile this week and made an epic hour and a half podcast with our pal, Fred Hillenbrand from Tin Man Brewing in Evansville, Indiana. Cori Paige from CRAFT by Under My Host volunteered for co-hosting duties, while King was probably running a race somewhere in his underoos. Fred tells us how their beer syrup innovation was finally put down, what new beers are coming down the pike, what he looks for in robot cans, and gives us the secret recipe for making a real robot. Cori tries to get a word in edge-wise, and sometimes Scott lets her. Meanwhile, listen to Scott’s shenanigans at the Kentucky Kicks Ass beer festival in Lexington. I think it might have kicked his ass.



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