Episode 38: A Trip to Lexington and DVD!

beerlex Scott and John travel to the metropolis known as Lexington to hit up Country Boy and West 6th for a live podcast.  Luckily, they were able to catch DVD on his Brew Voyage (www.brewvoyage.com) across the U.S..  DVD shared some stories from his biking and beering adventures along with some great advice!  Scuba Steve also tells us what to expect next from Country Boy along with Chris V. from Lexbeerscene discussing shirtless podcasters.

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  1. May I ask why “louisvillebeer.com” is always so obsessed with lexington? I mean, seriously.. Don’t they have their own scene? I’m pretty sure they never talk about louisville beer.. It’s every single week there is a post about lexington. I want LOUISVILLE beer

  2. Hey! Love the good work guys! I know this is slightly off topic but, my Louisville pride won’t allow me to not ask.. Can we get a post about this? The city of Louisville is currently in the running to be named the best city to live in. With a killer craft beer scene, I really believe that is true.. Can you make a post challenging our proud Louisvillians to vote in this race? It Is in a bracket formation and we are currently trailing behind charleston SC… Our beer kicks their beers butt.. Voting ends tomorrow at 11:59 pm

    Go here to vote:

    Spread the word! Our city needs this! Show that pride. Thanks!


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