Episode 100: All-Stars

Louisville Beer Podcast Episode 100!

Not pictured: Michael Nolen (Flat12) and Scott Shreffler (Schlafly).

If a bomb went off during our podcast this week, the Louisville beer scene would be sorely lacking. This group of beer all-stars showed up for our epic 100th episode: John King (ex-co-host), Scott Shreffler (Schlafly), Liz Vail (West Sixth), Roger Baylor (Ex?-New Albanian, New Albanian Mayoral Candidate), Michael Nolne (Flat12), Tim Burnash (Tim’s Beer Corner!! LIVE!!!!!!), Tisha Gainey (Tailspin Ale Fest) along with our host, John Wurth (LouisvilleBeer.com!) and co-host, Scott Lykins (LouisvilleBeer.com and Goodwood Brewing Co!).

We hit a ton of topics and made a lot of fun of John King and his zit. Back atcha, King (Miss you, dude!). It was also great having Mr. Roger Baylor back in the studio, it’s been too long (88 Episodes? Really??). Thanks to all who came out, and thanks most of all, to our listeners that let us keep doing this crazy thing every week! We love you all.


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