New Kentucky Breweries 2015



2015 will be bringing several new craft breweries to Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s growing craft beer scene. This handy guide will be kept up to date as we get more details. If *you* have any more info, please let us know.

23 Brewing Company

23-brewing-coLocation: Prestonsburg, KY

Address: 2010 Ky Route 321, Prestonsburg, Kentucky

More info: Website | Facebook

TTB Approval: Started, not yet submitted

Estimated Open Date: Unknown

Equipment: 1.5 BBL Brewhouse with 1/2/3 BBL fermenters.

Lease Secured: Yes

Construction Progress: Finished

What we know: Waiting for more details…


Akasha Brewing Company

akasha-brewingLocation: NuLu

Address: 909 E Market St Suite 700, Louisville, Kentucky

More info: Website | Facebook | Twitter

TTB Approval: They are waiting

Estimated Open Date: Q3 2015

Equipment: Already in our possession. 7 x 7BBL fermenters, one of which is an open fermenter. 1 or 2 of those will be used as brites.

Lease Secured: Yes

Construction Progress: Working overtime!

What we know: They’re busy as beavers working on the space, building the walk-in, etc. They were guests on  the Aug. 26 podcast.


Bannerman Brewing

Location: Clifton – Louisville, KY

More info: Website | Facebook

TTB Approval: Applied

Estimated Open Date: Mid 2015??

Equipment: Our kettle is 7BBL effective (10 to the brim), and our lauter tun is 10BBL (13 to the brim). We’re currently sitting with a couple 7 BBL fermenters, but are going to be receiving a second shipment of both 14BBL and 7BBL fermenters shortly.

Lease Secured: Yes

Construction Progress: Currently doing light remodeling of the building, just really cleaning everything up and getting it ready, but, are probably sitting at 90% finished.

What we know: Haven’t heard any updates from these guys in some time. Not sure where they are in the process.


Beer Engine Monnik

Location: Germantown/Schnitzelburg neighborhood in Louisville

Address: 1036 E. Burnett Ave, Louisville, KY 40217 (In the old Zeppelin Cafe building)

More info: Website | Facebook | Twitter

TTB Approval: Yes

Estimated Open Date: Sept. 2015

Equipment: 10bbl brewhouse with 4 x 10bbl fermenters, one 20bbl fermenter, and a couple 10bbl brite tanks.

Lease Secured: Yes

Construction Progress: Slow and steady wins the race

What we know: They are keeping their current location in Danville, KY, and are stillllll working on the construction in the old Zeppelin Cafe building in Schitzelburg near Check’s Cafe. We put out this fake press release a while back, but don’t take it too seriously.


Brothers Bar-B-Que and Brewing Company

Location: Danville, Kentucky

Address: 464 S 4th Street, Danville, Kentucky

More info: Facebook

TTB Approval: No

Estimated Open Date: Open now, expected to brew soon?

Equipment: We are starting small with just a 15gal Keggle system til we get up and running but future plans are only for a 1-2bbl system. We will have rotating taps as well and hope to offer other great beers from Kentucky.

What we know: Awaiting more info



Old Louisville Brewing Company

Location: Old Louisville (625 Magnolia)

More info:  Facebook | Twitter

TTB Approval: No

Estimated Open Date: Mid 2015

Equipment: ?

Lease Secured: Yes, they own the building

Construction Progress: Under construction now

What we know: They have had some zoning issues in the past, but now they have secured a lease and are swinging hammers and making progress on the space. Not sure of what they have equipment-wise, but we will keep you updated.



Point Blank Brewing Company

point-blank-brewingLocation: Corydon, IN

More info: Website | Facebook | Twitter

TTB Approval: Unknown

Estimated Open Date: They’re open now, not brewing as far as we know

Equipment: ?

Lease Secured: Yes

What we know: Waiting to hear back!


1937 Brewing (DOA)

Ashland, Kentucky

Unfortunate News: “Some of you guys have already heard the unfortunate turn of events the brewery has overcome in the past 3 months. Some may have not heard the update. We have dissolved 1937 Brewing Co. As the first attempt and had to let go all previous investors and business partners. Although a different small team of business minded individuals plan to regroup, change the name, location, investors, and partners and go back to the original idea of have a brewery with a restaurant, not a restaurant with a brewery. After months worth of building, planning, and re planning I decided to do this in a more organized fashion with fewer chiefs and more Indians. New location, name, and updates will be disclosed when we are ready to open the doors. No updates or info will be posted until we are making beer. Thanks for all the support and encouragement in the past 10 months. This was a 120 day business plan that couldn’t have been screwed up any better. I guess the old saying is true. If you want something done right, do it yourself! Please share!”

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