2012 Louisville Craft Beer Week Recap

Whew! What. A. Week.

With 30,000 guides published in LEO Weekly, 60+ events in 9 days, 11,000+ page views, 4,000 unique visitors and 16 Gigabytes of bandwidth drained from LouisvilleBeer.com’s rock-solid servers, I think I’d be correct in calling this year’s Craft Beer Week a success.

I’d like to thank the restaurants, bars and breweries that participated this year. There were a ton of great events, and a ton of great beer was consumed (not literally, maybe? Distributors? Can we get a number on this, please?). While I wish I could have made it to all of the events, I had a blast at every event I attended, and everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves also. I’m so happy that so many people came out in droves to drink the amazing beer that our region produces.

A special thanks goes out to our great sponsors: LEO Weekly, West Sixth Brewing, and Whole Foods Market. You guys rock. Thanks for believing in us. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you.

Please leave comments below with your thoughts on what you liked best about LCBW, the best beers you tried or any improvements that we could make in the future. Thanks!


Now, just wait until NEXT year!

  1. Yes, literally tons! 8 barrels is very roughly a ton.

    Good show; best LCBW so far, by far.

  2. Thank you John and all who helped. It was a truly monumental event!!


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