Yet Another Craft Beer Infographic

Being a graphic designer, I love infographics. Here’s another cool craft beer infographic that came across our Inbox that we wanted to share…

The craft beer industry is an industry within the food and beverage industry that is experiencing tremendous growth. Over the past decade the number of food and beverage jobs in the United States has seen an increase of jobs rise over 25%. The craft beer industry has seen even a larger increase in growth within that same time period. This beverage trend was one that both hospitality students and faculty at Kendall College were excited to study.  They shared a mutual interest in the growth of the craft beer industry. They looked into many aspects within the growth of the craft beer industry including overall growth numbers, sales, jobs increases, food pairings that go well with craft beer along with taste preferences from different age demographics. Students and faculty provided insight and advice that resulted in the creation of this craft beer infographic. The infographic was designed not only to showcase the knowledge of the faculty and students at Kendall College, but also to document the potential impact and growth of the craft beer industry as a whole.  Some of the more interesting findings in the craft beer infographic can be seen below:

Who’s drinking craft beer? They found that 36% consumers drink craft beer.

Almost half of all consumers 45% said they would try more craft beer if they were more educated about it.

Younger age demographics seem to prefer the taste of craft beer over their older counterparts.  32% of baby boomers said they preferred the taste of craft beer. 43% of millenials said they preferred the taste of craft beer.  I bet this number continues to rise with younger generations growing up around craft beer.

Craft beer and food go well together.  Food and drinks have always been a popular pairing option, but this is especially true with craft beer that offers more tasting variety’s then traditional beer styles.   Try mixing different craft beer styles with different food types.  Light beers like wheat’s and lights tend to go better with lighter food pairings like sushi and salads.

The craft brewing industry provides jobs. 2,403 breweries in the United States alone are responsible for more than 103,585 jobs.

The sales of craft beer are constantly on the rise.  Back in 2007 sales of craft beer amounted to 5.7 billion.  In 2012 that number doubled to just over 12 billion. Bu 2017 that number is expected to triple according to industry experts.

Craft Beer Infographic

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