When John’s Worlds Collide…

Music, meet craft beer…craft beer, meet music.

I’m not sure how many readers know that I play drums in a loosely-organized band based out of my hometown, Paducah, Kentucky. The band consists of a rotating cast of characters and we have never really had a regular band practice. When 3 of us have played together (in various bands) on and off for over 20 years, the other guys that join us are actually good musicians, and you’re playing old classic country/western/rockabilly/bluegrass you don’t need practice, you just feel it. I, IV, V with a good swinging beat behind it…all you need to know.

We’re the Solid Rock’it Boosters, and we’re overjoyed to be playing at Against the Grain on Saturday, May 26 and then at Beatersville at Phoenix Hill Tavern the next day around noon. Come see us, won’t you? When we play at a bar, we pretty much try to stomp a hole in it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Check the videos below:

  1. Cresant

    What a fun night! Great music and great beer!


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