The Top 30 Louisville Beer Page Views of 2014

Yes, we’re doing it too, a “Top ____ of ____” listicle. We know, you’re rolling your eyes too.

But anyway, here’s a list of the top 30 pages (either a news story or a static page) viewed here at for the year that will always and forever be known as “2014”. What’s your score? How many did *YOU* read?

30 Podcast Episode 5:New Brewery! Great Flood Brewing Opening in Louisville in 2014
29 VIDEO: Louisville’s Newest Brewery – Great Flood Brewing
28 Contributors
27 Tap That Craft Beer Crawl
26 Beer Cheese in Louisville (Part One)
25 Great Flood Grand Opening Details
24 Halfway to Louisville Craft Beer Week
23 Highlands Beer Fest OFFICIAL Beer List
22 2014 Halfway to Louisville Craft Beer Week Events
21 Falls City Brewing Co.
20 Against The Grain Brewery
19 Three tiers for Anheuser-Busch!
18 Apocalypse Brew Works
17 2014 Kentucky Beeracket
16 Against the Grain is Expanding With a New Brewery in Louisville
15 Cumberland Brews
14 Louisville Craft Beer Week
13 Great Flood Brewing
12 Flat 12 Bierwerks Announces New Taproom in Jeffersonville, IN
11 Tailspin Ale Fest – Louisville’s 1st Winter Warmer Beer Festival
10 Highlands Beer Festival – Spring 2014
9 Paducah’s First Craft Brewery Opening Fall 2014
8 Crescent Hill Craft House Review
7 Going to the Louder than Life Festival? Me Neither.
6 New Kentucky Breweries 2014
5 2014 LCBW Event Schedule
4 The Beer Calendar
3 Beer Cheese Recipes (Part Two)
2 Louisville Breweries
1 Homepage

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