The Official NABC Gravity Head Program

Roger Baylor let me know that they are not printing Gravity Head programs this year. Printing? What’s that? Is this 1999 or something?

So save this PDF to your iPhone/iPad/Android/Blackberry/Windows 8/Sony Ericsson JSH-883772XL and get with the times, man. I guess if you’re feeling nostalgic, you could print this off while you’re at work or something. Maybe FAX it to yourself?

Download the 2013 Gravity Head Lineup

Gravity Head is NABC’s annual celebration of the brewing world’s biggest and best. Beginning on February 22, and lasting until all the kegs are gone, we’ll be devoting numerous taps to show- casing these rare and sought-after beers, as cho- sen to exhibit maximum diversity of flavors and stylistic inspiration.


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