Psstt…Having a Craft Beer Week event?

Oh, wait? You’re NOT? What the? You’re in the wrong place! Get your event together and come back here, you.

First off, thanks for being a part of Louisville’s BIGGEST Craft Beer Week EVER. Be sure and share your Facebook event on Louisville Craft Beer Week’s Facebook page so we can help get the word out.

I’ve got the layout for the LCBW Guide (that’s going in the Sept. 19 LEO Reader’s Choice issue) and it’s filling up quickly. Please get the details of your event and/or your ad together and to me by Sept. 10.

Want some postcards to put out and help the cause? (B/W – 4up – print ’em and get your kid to cut them out or take ’em to Kinko’s)

Need a copy of the Officical LCBW Logo to use in your marketing materials? Got those too.

The poster is being designed now by Hound Dog Press, and from the proof I’ve seen, it’s gonna kick ass. We’ll bring them by all of the locations once they’re printed. Hopefully near Sept. 10th.

Oh, and if you are designing your own ad, or having it done, you’ll need this:

Need something else? Email me, or post in the comments below. It’s gonna be an amazing week filled with amazing events and some delicious beers. Thanks again for being involved.

One more thing to remember:


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