LouisvilleBeer.com’s First (!!) Beer Collaboration

In a first for both LouisvilleBeer.com and Great Flood Brewing (collaborating with a beer-related website/podcast/buncha idjits), we just siphoned 53 gallons of beer into a barrel for aging. Great Flood Brewing and LouisvilleBeer.com present a collaboration beer: Kelvin’s Kilt – a barrel-aged Scottish Ale that will be released for Louisville Craft Beer Week in September. I tried it before carbonation and it’s not bad at all. I can’t wait to try it after resting in this barrel.

John King, a(n ex-?) homebrewer, provided the recipe; Great Flood provided the equipment/manpower; Kelvin’s Cooperage provided the bourbon barrel; John Wurth provided these photographs as proof that this was produced.

What's your take? Please comment below.