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My friend, John Wurth, first launched LouisvilleBeer.com in 2008 as an online beer forum. It didn’t catch on and spammers quickly took over. John took the site down. Earlier this year, he and I got together and decided to recreate LouisvilleBeer.com – not as a forum, but as a guide to craft beer in Louisville. We made the announcement in July and re-released the website on August 1. It was immediately embraced with open arms and now receives close to 8,000 visits a month. LouisvilleBeer.com quickly evolved from an information source to an online magazine with several contributing writers, video productions, photography, and breaking news stories from the local craft beer scene. We have also become liaison for the local breweries and, with their help, have put together several beer gardens, hosted tastings for private parties, and coordinated and presented this year’s Louisville Craft Beer Week. It’s been a busy year. Wait a minute… we just launched the website on Aug 1st, 2011. It’s been a busy 2 months, 9 days. And now we’ve come full circle. Today we are giving you a place for your voice to be heard. I am proud to introduce John Wurth’s latest and most ironic addition to LouisvilleBeer.com…

The Louisville Beer Forum

The Louisville Beer Forum is your place for local, regional, and international craft beer information, news, and reviews. Interesting and controversial topics are too frequently buried and forgotten on Facebook and other social media sites. Louisville Beer Forum hopes to keep some of those topics alive while providing both a source of common knowledge for the local craft beer community and an open forum for discussion and debate.

We have included categories for local beer, American Craft Beer in general, and a place to discuss beers from around the world. We have a category called “What’s on Tap?” for posting draft lists, beer specials, and information about beers available in our area. “What’s on Tap?” is just the title and is meant to include information about packaged beer, too. There’s also a “What’s Happening” category for news and discussion of beer events, pint nights, festivals, and beer-related happenings in and around Louisville. And now we’re turning it all over to you – the consumers, the brewers, the craft beer enthusiasts, and industry professionals. It’s your world. Talk about it.

Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse Incentive

Be one of the first to register and your name will be put in the drawing for a FREE one-year membership to Against the Grain’s not-so-secret secret society of beer aficionados known as “Grainiacs”.

Membership includes the following:
1. A card indicating that you are truly a member of the Grainiacs (this card will also indicate your entitlements…. so keep it! don’t lose it! it’s very important!)
2. An official Against The Grain T-shirt. Let the world know you move Against The Grain!
3. An official Against The Grain glass of your choice to imbibe with a purpose!
4. An everyday discount of .50 cents on every standard pour you purchase, with the presentation of your valid AtG Grainiac card at the time of purchase.
5. One fully discounted (free) beer each month, per month, and a birthday beer, to be denoted and marked with the presentation of your valid AtG Grainiac card at the time eligible.

1. You have a most excellent experience at AtG!
2. You must complete the official AtG Grainiac interview questionnaire.
3. You will be responsible for maintaining your membership (keep an eye on renewal, it’s up to you).

The Fine Print:
-AtG Brewery and LouisvilleBeer.com will not be responsible for lost cards. If an AtG Graniac member loses their card, the membership will have to be purchased again at the enrollment fee price of $40.
-When renewing your AtG Grainiac membership, you must present your previous/expired AtG Grainiac membership card to receive the renewal price of $20.
-You must always present your AtG Grainiac membership card in order to utilize the discounts and entitlements associated with membership.
-AtG Brewery reserves the right to alter the terms of membership at anytime, without notice.

The drawing will be held publicly before the end of October on the second floor brewery level of the AtG Brewery and Smokehouse. Attendance is by invitation only due to lack of space, but the drawing will be streamed live online. Stay tuned for the time and date and register now to enter: Louisville Beer Forum

Louisville Beer Forum
It’s your world. Talk about it.

  1. Excellent! Can’t wait for great discussion.

  2. Has anyone compiled a list of Growler Specials in Louisville? Monday is Cumberland, Tuesday is BBC Brewery and Wednesday is NABC Bank Street. Any others?


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