Local BBC Brewmaster and COO, Joel Halbleib Visits Asheville and Brings Home the Barley


Coming soon…BBC will debut Louisville Lager made from 100% Kentucky grown malt.

BBC is proud to be the first “as far as they know” modern brewery to offer a local brewed beer, Louisville Lager with 100% of the malt grown in Kentucky. The first batches with all Kentucky grown malt should be released in late November, further info to come closer to date… Stay tuned to LouisvilleBeer.com to know the exact date.

Halbleib has been working with Riverbend Malt House (RMH) in Asheville NC to locate a Kentucky farmer that grows the right kind of barley. Brent Manning of RMH found a farmer growing the right kind of barley. A barley, that once malted, would match BBC’s flavor profile. That farm is Walnut Grove Farms in Adairville, Kentucky! The barley variety is called Thoroughbred.

“BBC is proud to support Kentucky farmers and our friends in North Carolina” says Joel Halbleib. Joel will be in Asheville Friday (today!) to inspect the finished malt. This barley which is grown in Kentucky has to undergo a process called malting, where starches are changed to sugars. The sugars are then rinsed from the grains and boiled in what is called wort.  There is roughly 1500 lbs of malt in each batch of Louisville Lager.

Phillip Dearner, BBC President stated, “We feel this is a landmark occasion for us to really get to the roots of “support local”.  We are continually searching for ways to incorporate regional ingredients into our beer and or source equipment and services for our plant from local businesses.  This is just another step in that direction.”

Editor’s Note: Thanks to our pals at BBC for giving LouisvilleBeer.com the scoop!

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