Introducing “Better Beer Spots”

If you’re looking for the best places in Louisville to find great craft beer, give us a little bit to get this up and running, and you’ll find a searchable way to find the beer you’re looking for in “the 402xx”.

We recently ran a reader survey and the majority of people responded that they’d like a “Better Beer Bar list / app for finding certain beers on tap”. This is something we’ve had on the back burner for quite some time,  but now it’s boiling over. If you own a liquor store, bottle shop, pub, bar or restaurant and have craft beer on tap (you do, right??), then you’ll want to grab your FREE listing on the Better Beer Spots page.

Coming in the near future, we’ll have upgrades available where you’ll be able to keep your draft list searchable, let people know if you fill growlers, and more info. Plus…featured listing that will allow for more photos and be listed at the top!

REGISTER your craft beer hot spot here!

What's your take? Please comment below.