Cropped Out 2011 is happening now!

Cropped Out is a locally and independently developed music festival set to take place in Louisville, KY on the second weekend of November 2011. The fest is designed to highlight the creative efforts of Louisville natives, friends, family, and fellow thinkers from Nashville to Chicago to Brooklyn and beyond.

Since the earliest baby breaths of punk from within the walls of the now-defunct Louisville School of Art in the late ‘70s, from local proto-punks like No Fun, Babylon Dance Band, and The Endtables, it is no secret that Louisville’s cultural contributions have long served as a significant influence on national underground art and music scenes. One must not forget, we are still a force with which to be reckoned. This festival, specifically, intends to celebrate a renewed sense of enthusiasm about Kentucky’s cultural offerings by pairing a few of our favorites from the Derby City with similarly exciting examples handpicked from around the country.

For one weekend every year, our annual Cropped Out Festival aims to celebrate a select fistful of contemporary musicians, artists, and artisans whom we feel reflect a greater undercurrent of sonic, visual, and conceptual exploration. It is our intention for the festival to turn heads, if only for one weekend, toward the talents of those often omitted, overlooked, or cropped out of “the big picture.” These are the minds most interesting to us, the minds most capable of emerging from and quickly returning to their lightlessness, if only to be briefly met by a niche appreciation. Aside from a pleasantly temperate and generally fun fall weekend, free of any injury or legal conflict, it is our primary goal to award these artists with the opportunity to be seen, heard, and ultimately, to prevail.

CROPPED OUT 2011 features Scratch Acid, Sun Araw, Bill Orcutt, Human Eye, MV & EE, Coliseum, Young Widows, and many more with food provided by the Holy Mole Food Truck and local beer selected by including Cumberland Red, New Albanian Beak’s Best, and BBC’s Dark Star Porter!

Cropped Out starts Friday, November 11th, and continues through Sunday, November 13th, at The Crummy Den on the corner of Main and Campbell, Downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

FRIDAY 11/11: Alcohol Party, Anwar Sadat, Axel Cooper, Cough Cool, Christmas Bride, Dope Body, Learner Dancer, Mount Carmel, MV & EE, Natives, Savages, Shedding, Shit & Shine, and Sun Araw

SATURDAY 11/12: Angels in America, Angel Olsen, Arcane Rifles, Bill Orcutt, Black God, Chat Logs, Circuit Des Yeux, Cross, Fat History Month, Guardian Alien, Human Eye, John Wesley Coleman III, Jovontaes, Last Year’s Men, Mayor Daley, Natural Child, Pygmy Shrews, The Dreebs, The Men, Tropical Trash, Sapat, and Video Daughters

SUNDAY 11/13 (closing party): Coliseum, Scratch Acid, and Young Widows

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