Buckhead’s New Craft Beer App

While it might be old news to some (yes, I’m a bit late in publishing this!), Buckhead launched their first-of-its-kind Craft Beer App a couple weeks ago at the Bardstown Road location. It’s a pretty great idea and it will help beer newbs (and even us pros) pick the perfect beer to go with Buckhead’s awesome food. Go check it out!

Press release:

NEW to our Buckhead Mountain Grill Bardstown Road location, we’ve developed a custom designed Android based Craft Beer App. Come in and enjoy learning all about our love for beer! With our app, you’ll be able to SEARCH our extensive beer list by Brewery, Beer Style, Characteristics found in beers, filter by showing Locals only or enter the name of the beer. We also have a FEATURED beer section, which will display beers of an event night or limited release draft, bottles and seasonal brews. Learn more about beers with our BEER 101 section, which reviews about each style, how to taste a beer, the difference between Malts and Hops as well as defining ABV and IBUs. Say you like a beer such as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but you don’t know what’s similar? Simply tap on the SIMILAR BEERS button and try another beer that we offer. Are you a Domestic drinker, we’ve got you covered too! Learn about those beers you’re enjoying and tap on the SIMILAR BEERS button and start to explore the craft and import lagers of the world. You can SORT our beer list by ABV and IBUs to see our selections of session beers to the high gravity brews (ABV = Alcohol by Volume) and from the maltier, or less bitter, beers to the hoppiest to please the most discerning hop head (IBUs = International Bittering Units). Let your friends know right now what you’re enjoying at Buckhead Mountain Grill by our instant Facebook and Twitter postings, without having to reach for your smart phone, simply tap on the icons and make your friends envious or to come join you! Our custom Craft Beer App allows you to learn more about the beers that you’re enjoying and shows you beers to try by your preference. Are you a black coffee drinker? SEARCH by a CHARACTERISTIC such as coffee and see if you like one of the many beers that have a coffee characteristic, but don’t let that dark color fool you, they’re usually robust, malty and have a smooth to sweet finish.

Our Craft Beer App is only available at our Buckhead Mountain Grill Bardstown Road location. We will be releasing this app as well as new features in the near future!

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