BBC Brewer Heads to Connecticut to Help Start a New Brewery

Brian Cox hugs his boot.

Brian Cox hugs his boot.

I was at Bluegrass Brewing Company (Production/Taproom) last week, and chatted with brewer Brian Cox about his departure to New Haven, Connecticut to help start Overshores Brewing Company. Cox will be the lead brewer in this new startup brewery where he’ll be working closely with owner, Christian Amport. Cox says of Amport, “He did a brief internship at Brewery Ommegang and he’s a very good homebrewer that has done a lot of beer judging. He’s going to be a huge influence on the beers. The recipes we’re starting with will be his, I will just be scaling them up for production and helping tweak them along the way.”

Overshores Brewing Company just received their TTB Permit in July, and Cox said they hope to be open by September. They are brewing  and bottling Belgian style beers on a 20 BBL system, and these are the 3 beers they’ll start with, as listed on their site:

Tripel Brun

Overshores Tripel Brun combines Caramel and Munich malts with our Belgian base malt and Belgian yeast to create an amber 1.090 Tripel that is as malty and smooth as it is strong.  Our award winning flagship beer that is establishing Overshores as a respected brewer of fine Belgian ales.

Beligique du Noire

Overshores Belgique du Noire is a black roasted Belgian.  What stands out though is the Noire’s smoothness.  Unlike many black beers, the Noire exhibits no smokey bitterness whatsoever.  The Belgique du Noire is rich and smooth.  Perfect for pairing with a chocolate dessert.


Just as it sounds, the Simpel is the most basic of our offerings.  The Simpel is the lightest, but is also the hoppiest beer Overshores makes.  It is refreshingly dry and crisp unlike heavy and sometimes sticky IPA’s.  With a bright aroma from Overshores signature Belgian yeast, the Simpel is a perfect refreshing beer for a hot summer day.

Cox, a Huntington, West Virginia native, got his start as an intern at the American Brewers Guild, then came to Louisville where he was the Assistant Brewer under Jeremy Hunt at BBC St. Matthews (and featured with Jeremy Hunt in these 60 Second Review videos: Country Boy Jalepeño Smoked Porter review and Country Boy Bumpkin Ale). He has been at BBC Production (at Main and Clay) for several months.

Sidenote: Cox replaced Andrew Dimery as Assistant Brewer under Jeremy Hunt at BBC St. Matthews Brewpub when Dimery left for a job at Sun King Brewing in Indianapolis, IN. Now Dimery is back at BBC St. Matthews as the Head Brewer at BBC, because Hunt has moved on to Deep Ellum Brewing in Dallas, TX. Cox has moved downtown to BBC’s production facility, well, until he left for Overshores, that is. (Whew! You almost need a diagram to keep up, eh?)


Hopefully Brian will come back to visit with lots of bottles to share (Right, BRIAN???).

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