Against the Grain Collaborates with Local Chefs

Against the Grain is all for pulling great people together and seeing what comes of it, aren’t they? Local Option, De Molen, and now area chefs. They will be working with local chefs to launch a series of collaborative brews that meet at least ONE of these criteria:

  1. The beer has to incorporate the signature flavor of the participating chef
  2. The beer must pair well with the type of cuisine served at the chef’s restaurant
  3. The beer must be something the chef likes to drink with food.

They’ll of course be brewing these beers at AtG located at Slugger Field. The beer will be served at both the participating restaurant as well as Against the Grain.

The first chef collaboration is with Josh Lehman, Executive Chef at the Holy Grale at 1034 Bardstown Rd. Josh is a highly accomplished chef whose career path has lead him through numerous breweries. Chef Lehman worked at Bluegrass Brewing Company and Bank Street Brewery in New Albany, IN before taking his current position at Holy Grale. His experience with beer as an ingredient and with beer and food pairings made him a natural choice to kick off this collaboration series. Against the Grain Brewmaster Jerry Gnagy and Chef Lehman decided to draw upon the chef’s French culinary training and his love of funky farmhouse ales to create a French style saison infused with bay leaves and black pepper then fermented with a blend of beer yeast and wild yeast to create a truly unique beer.

The Bay and Pepper Saison was tapped yesterday, July 16th, 2012. Get down there and try some…sounds excellent!

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