Great Flood First Impressions (hint, they’re good)

Great FloodIt finally happened folks.  Great Flood Brewing is officially open and pouring some damn good brews.  I’ve been down there a few times now (don’t judge) and wanted to give a rundown of what I think about the place.

First off, if you haven’t met Vince, Zach, and Matt, try and introduce yourself when you stop in.  The three gentlemen behind Great Flood are class acts and are more than willing to talk shop with you if you’re cozied up to the bar, assuming they aren’t too busy running the place/pouring beers, which unfortunately is the case right now.   Rumor is there was a line out the door from 4pm -11pm Friday (their first official day open) and it was quite full by 12:30pm Saturday when I stopped by.   Opening weekend has been big, to say the least.

The atmosphere is fantastic inside Great Flood.  There’s a wrap-around bar that seats 15 or so and a standing bar in the middle of the shotgun-style room.  Bit of an aside, but the standing bar is a great idea for being able to pack more people into the area, so I’m glad these gents decided to take that route.  There’s a massive mural of the namesake Great Flood covering an entire wall with numerous other articles and pictures adorning the remaining wall-space, giving an old-timey vibe that works well with the rest of the decor.  Several tables, a sitting area complete with leather couches/seats, and brewing equipment at the back of the room fill out the remaining space, with lots of wood everywhere you look.  Best of all is that the guys themselves did a ton of the work on the remodel.  I know I didn’t do the aesthetics much justice, but trust me when I say it’s a very inviting setting to enjoy a beer.

And now on to the real reason we’ve all been so excited about Great Flood, the beer.  Great Flood is currently pouring seven of their own beers; Brown Ale, Half IIPA, APA, Wit, Hoppy Irish Red, Oatmeal Stout, and Blackberry Wheat.  Between my two visits I’ve tried all but one (again, don’t judge).  I won’t review all the beers here (as that could get boring), but I will note a few standouts.  I know Mr. Wurth mentioned it in an earlier post, but the Brown Ale is fantastic.  A bit bigger than expected (6.8% abv), the brown ale is malty/nutty with notes of chocolate layered in.  Despite the higher alcohol content, it’s terrifyingly easy to drink.

The Half IIPA is another beer that seems to defy its abv (8.6% abv).  Beautiful clear orange/copper color with lots of citrus/piney hops in the nose and flavor.   A solid malt body helps balance it out, though still allows the hops to shine through.  Again, this one is far easier to drink than it should be.  The Oatmeal Stout and Hoppy Irish Red are my other favorites.  The oatmeal stout is creamy w/slight notes of coffee and chocolate and the Hoppy Irish Red is exactly what it sounds like, a solid red ale w/a dose of American hops thrown in.   The other beers are all solid as well, but these were the ones that stood out for me.

I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen from Great Flood.  This brewery has been a while in the making and I know the folks behind it put in a ton of hours to get it up and going.  I highly suggest everyone go and give the place a try.  I know I’ll be heading back soon to enjoy a pint or three.  They’ve earned a spot on my rotation for sure and are a great addition to the local craft scene.


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