Own A Brewery Today


Copper and Stainless just for you and your beer.

There are many fantastic things in life that we would love to own for a day. A boat. An ice cream store.   Donut shop. Bar. KFC Yum Center. Wrigley Field. Racehorse. Ferrari. Private plane. And of course at the top of my list would be a brewery.

All these things that can be lots of fun, but at the end of the day we would like to hand the keys over to someone else to clean up, do the maintenance and take care of the details. A boat – great if you can walk away at the end of the day and not be concerned with propellers, anchors, docks and hulls. Who wouldn’t like to invite your friends to play Sunday night basketball at the Yum Center and then turn out the lights and walk away? Racehorses are a whole lot more vet bills than winner circles, but the win is awful sweet. A ride down River Road in your Ferrari is much better if you don’t have to pay the upkeep.

What a blast it would be to own a brewery. Invite your friends over to brew whatever beer you want. Drink your favorite beverage. Eat food. Listen to some tunes. Just generally have a party while you enjoy the aroma of grains hops, and happiness.

Then when you have had your fun, made your beer (that everyone will love), you walk away and someone else cleans up, sanitizes, ferments at a controlled temperature and puts the equipment away.


Lee Dunham adds the finishing hops for a nice Amber Ale.

Too good to be true you say? Well it is true at My Old Kentucky HomeBrew (MOKHB), on premise facility right here in the river city – recently opened and ready for you to brew.

You decide on a recipe. You invite your friends. You stir the brew and add the ingredients. MOKHB gets the grains, hops and yeast ready. MOKHB heats the water. MOKHB makes sure everything is going according to plan. And the most important thing is they clean up.

For those that have brewed, you understand that this process takes out 90% of “UN-fun” part of brewing. If waiting for water to boil and cleaning up before and after brewing is your way of getting grins and giggles, please contact me. I have a fun and exciting opportunity for you at my house.

Paul Young at MOKHB gave me a chance to test out the new brew facilities located at his store on Baxter Avenue. I did a batch of my go to Vista Amber Ale. Wanted to make sure I got the same numbers and taste profile that I was getting on my home brewing set-up. Everything works like a charm, except I was able to brew 10-gallons instead of my regular 5. When you are talking beer, more is better.


Paul Young, Brew Guide and Beer Fashion Icon.

About a dozen of my friends drifted by to enjoy the process and a beverage on a Sunday morning. Lots of questions were asked about brewing and the atmosphere in the brewery was really fun.

All agreed this would be perfect for a wedding party outing, corporate event, or night out with the girls, guys or both. It was way better then standing around at a backyard BBQ or cocktail reception. And you are performing a public service by adding to the volume of beer in the city of Louisville. The mayor may give you a medal.

MOKHB wants you to have a good time, so they have a number of options to accommodate your party. In about 2-2.5 hours, for $200-$225 you can brew 10 gallons (almost four cases) of beer. To find out more visit My Old Kentucky HomeBrew on Premise on FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/MOKHBP) or call 502-589-3434.

Homebrewers that want to take their wort home are also welcome.


Upcoming Events

L.A.G.E.R.S. monthly meeting Monday, October 20.

L.A.G.E.R.S. Brew-in at Apocolypse Brew Works November 2nd.

Louisville Brewfest Friday October 17.


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