Halfway to Louisville Craft Beer Week Diary- Day 3

Ok, I hate to admit this folks, but I missed out on one of my planned events.   It’s been an incredibly long work week (that means my day-to-day job) and after date night/beer event #1 at Garage Bar, I made the decision to only hit-up two events and call it a night.   I’m not ashamed by this decision, but I hope my adoring public understands that my liver and I are human and sometimes we need a bit of a break.  Just saying.

Stop #1 was to Garage Bar for their West Sixth event, and it also worked out quite well for a date night (yes, feel free to make fun of the old man for having date night at about 6PM…… I’m old…. Deal with it).   So this was our first time to Garage Bar and I have to admit to being a bit impressed.  Despite the fact that hipsters flock to the place like moths to light, Garage Bar has a unique vibe that is welcoming to all that visit.  On top of the cool atmosphere, they also had fresh oysters from four different regions of the Atlantic.  This alone made me a huge fan (I tried three of them and could have made a dinner out of the oysters if I were made of gold).

The Pizza at Garage Bar is legit brick-oven pizza, which means it kicks all sorts of ass.  We had the Margherita w/thin slices of country ham, and I can’t describe how much of a win that was.  Just get it.  Seriously, try that pie.   I could keep bragging on the food, but the real reason we visited was for the West Sixth tap takeover going on as part of #HLCBW.  The usual suspects were on draft, but the real treat was that Heller Heaven IIPA and Saison Bellaire were also options on draft.  I had already experienced Heller Heaven IIPA this week (it kicked all sorts of ninja ass), so I went with the Saison.  And folks, I was NOT disappointed.  Fruity, dry, effervescent, this had all of what a saison should have and then some.  If you see this one around, you HAVE to give it a try.  Trust me.

Stop number 2 was supposed to be to the Sour Craft Kids event at Four Pegs, but my old-man fatigue simply decided that we should skip that one and head straight to BoomBozz, which happened to be a more direct route home.  I’m sorry for not visiting Four Pegs and I hope the event is hopping as I type this.

With Four Pegs nixed from my list, BoomBozz in the Highlands became stop #2 for the night.  Kelley had never met Beckmann, so this was a good time to support my favorite local brewery (I love the rest of you too) and for my better half to meet one of the cooler beer celebrities in town.   BoomBozz had three heavy-hitters from Against the Grain on draft, Citra Ass Down, Hop Party, and 35K.  On top of those three there were several other local brews available, though I won’t name them as this was an AtG event.   Sorry folks but I’m an equal opportunity loyalist as I write.  Regardless, the beers were great, selection was phenomenal, and their fantastic food was ready to be ordered if you had a hankering for something cheesy and Italian.  All-in-all, Beckmann and BoomBozz Highlands did exactly as I expected, and that is to put on another solid specialty tap event and support the local craft scene as well as anyone we have around.  Cheers for that!

I feel bad for missing out on one of my planned events, but I simply needed a break after the week I’ve had so far.  Tomorrow is a much simpler line-up for me…. I’ll be at Against the Grain for the Bo & Luke variants release version 2.  Yep, that’s about it.  I may try and make my way to something before that, but don’t expect me to write about much other than the Cognac/Cherry Bitters/Chocolate-Vanilla/whatever else those crazy f*cks think of versions of Bo & Luke.

Saturday Plans:

– Against the Gran Bo & Luke Variants-

– Anything else that pops up before then.  I’m open to whatever


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