Girls Pint Out

26 Dec 2011 --- Four women line up along a wall and chug bottles of liquor in the 1920s. --- Image by © Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis

Girls Pint Out’s mission statement is – Building a community of women who love craft beer. GPO started in Indianapolis but there are dozens of chapters nationwide.

The Louisville group was created by Megan Marie Brown and Tracey Saelen and it had its first iteration as “502 Beer Bitches” a little over a year ago. Recently a change was made to become affiliated with Girls Pint Out.

I can’t say I was ever a fan of the term “beer bitches” and I don’t love the name “Girls Pint Out” either – girls can’t legally drink – we are women not children. But I’m certainly not going to let a light-hearted name stop me from getting together with other women who like good beer!

I have mixed feelings about having a women’s drinking group – do we need to segregate ourselves? Would I think it’s a good idea to have a men’s drinking organization/club? (but maybe that already exists in every bar in the world?!? – wink wink) That being said I have had a good time every time I have attended a GPO event. I suppose that since it is deemed a women’s group it may prompt someone, who may be intimidated by going to a bar alone, to come out and meet new people who enjoy good beer.

Louisville Girls Pint Out is a loose group of women who enjoy good beer and lively conversation. Any woman can attend and there are no fees – just show up. You can follow Louisville GPO on Facebook where you will be alerted to the upcoming meetings.

I’m not going to overthink it – I’m just going to go out for a beer with some new friends! It is all very informal and friendly. GPO has not been about man bashing – just conversation, beer appreciation, and a way to unwind and hang out with friends. I encourage any woman who is interested to feel free to join us.11034320_1582204885330598_7794283006673492650_o

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