2015 Tailspin Ale Fest – The Details

Tailspin-Logo20154It all begins Saturday, November 15 (tomorrow!) at 10am Eastern, when “Flash Sale” tickets go on sale for the 2015 Tailspin Ale Fest at Bowman Field in Louisville, Kentucky. This year, there will essentially be TWO events, because the event organizer did not want to split the main festival into 2 sessions, as that’s a LONG day for volunteers, beer reps, and the people behind the scenes.

Friday, February 20 from 7:00-10:00pm is the Barrel Roll Experience. Food, live entertainment, and the Louisville Film Society will be a nice complement to the bourbons, spirits, craft cocktails and exclusively barrel-aged beers. This event will be limited to 1,000 people. This is a catered event, so expect some great food to pair with all these great beverages. Tisha, of HB Productions, LLC told me the brewery reps and employees will be rubbing elbows, kissing babies, shaking hands and maybe even hobnobbing out in the crowds, as opposed to hiding behind tables and jockey boxes. So, you can meet the people that sell (and make) the beers that you’ll be drinking. They’re all nice, I assure you. Go talk to them. Speaking of people that you want to be seen with…there will also be plenty of pin-up girls and leather jacket-clad pilots roaming around for photo ops; Even more than they had last year. Make your mom proud and get your picture made! Plus, it will make a great Facebook profile photo, and isn’t that really what life is about?

The main event, Louisville’s Winter Warmer is Saturday, February 21 from 3:00-7:00pm. There will be timed tappings, a Kentucky heritage section that features Kentucky Guild of Brewers’ members, biplane displays, and 150 craft beers to enjoy.  Plus, your favorite LouisvilleBeer.com “personalities” will be podcasting live from the LouisvilleBeer.com booth and interviewing people that wanna sit a spell with them. More info to come on that. The event organizers have also promised more food! That’s a good thing, because last year, the only long lines were at the food trucks outside. Expect even more food trucks and even some food vendors in the hangar at Louisville Executive Aviation Center. In case you were wondering, the beers at the main event will be different from the beers served at the Barrel Roll Experience the night before, so if you’re truly a beer connoisseur, and I know you are, you’ll attend both!

Oh dang, I almost forgot about the LAGERS Pro/Am Brewing Competition! A homebrew contest will be held by the fine folks at Louisville Area Grain Extract Research Society (The homebrewing club) for a winning Barrel-aged Winter Warmer that must be at or above 8%. The winning recipe will be brewed by Apocalypse Brew Works and will be served at Tailspin Ale Fest (and at Apocalypse, more than likely).

Tailspin Ale Fest Tickets

You might be thinking to yourself, “Now, John…this sounds like a great event. Well, two events, but whatever. How the hell do I sign myself up for this most excellent fun?” Well, I’m glad you thought that, here’s the deal:

“Flash Sale” Tickets will go on sale November 15 and will be discounted. Only 250 of each ticket will be offered, and when they’re gone, they’re gone until they start presale tickets on December 14, 2014 at the regular price. Here’s the breakdown:

Combo Tickets

Friday and Saturday general admission

  • $110 – until 250 are sold or November 30th, whichever comes first
  • $130 – Available starting December 14
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VIP Tailspin Ale Fest (Saturday, February 21 from 2:00-7:00pm)

VIP Attendees will receive an hour early entry, a one year subscription to DRAFT Magazine, one food voucher, plus a Tailspin Ale Fest souvenir. There is no discount on VIP tickets, but they are limited to 250, and then will be available again on December 14

  • $75
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Barrel Roll Experience Tickets (Friday, February 20 from 7:00-10:00pm)

  • $75 – until 250 are sold or November 30th, whichever comes first
  • $85 – Available starting December 14
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Tailspin Ale Fest (Saturday, February 21 from 3:00-7:00pm)

  • $35 General Admission – until 250 are sold or November 30th, whichever comes first
  • $45 General Admission – Available starting December 14
Buy Tailspin Tickets

Designated Driver Tickets

There is no discount on VIP tickets, but they are limited to 250, and then will be available again on December 14

  • Friday: $25
  • Saturday: $15
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Just a reminder…last year sold out!

LouisvilleBeer.com is proud, once again, to be a sponsor of the event. We’re also working with HB Productions on a very special after-party that might or might not involve a bus. Keep it tuned right here to LouisvilleBeer.com to stay in the know.

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