Beer and Running in Louisville

IMG_3060What better way for beer loving runners to meet up and do what they love than brewery runs? There are quite a few brewery running groups here in Louisville.

Beer and running groups are not a new thing. The Hash House Harriers have a very long history as a “drinking club with a running problem”. The Hash House Harriers were founded in 1938! Military men in the British colony of Selangor, modern day Malaysia, started a beer and running club to help themselves eliminate their weekend excesses.

The general idea of the event is that a “hare” lays an unknown trail and the “hounds” have to find and follow it. At the finish there is socializing and drinking.

There is a local group of Hash House Harriers that meets regularly.

If you are looking for a more straightforward run there are several local breweries that have weekly running groups. You don’t have to be fast or a marathoner to participate. These are fun runs not competitions.

*Against the Grain with the Derby City Run Club hosts a Wed evening run @ 6:30. AtG offers 10% off appetizers and  $0.50 off beers for runners.

*Flat 12 in Jeffersonville, IN & Blue Mile running store, has a Thursday evening run @ 6:00

*Great Flood & Fleet Feet running store have a Monday evening run @ 6:30 (three mile course)

After registering, you will receive a FF key tag that we can scan you in each week with, and it will also be your ticket to $1 off Great Flood beers.

*New Albanian Brewing Company – Bank Street Brewhouse and Derby City Run Club hosts a weekly run @ 10:00 Saturday mornings. Runners get 10% off their bill.

*Goodwood Brewing had a Tuesday evening running group that has ceased, but it is my understanding that it may be revived.

All of the brewery runs are free and open to anyone interested (21+).

Another “fun run” group is – Running with the Locals


Underpants Run 2014 Goodwood (BBC Taproom)

I have attended brewery group runs and they are fun events that combine two of my favorite things – beer and running! I can get some exercise as well as socialize over beer with friends. What a great combination! Lace up your running shoes and stretch out your liver, time to run!


Underpants Run 2014 Goodwood (BBC Taproom)

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